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Back to daily routine

It has been ages since I had time for blogging...
We had an AMAZING time in Liverpool with our son Martijn.  And on top of that....after 5 years meetingRos!! This photo was taken just after we landed in Liverpool:

After 5 years we already knew each other a bit.  Thanks to blogging, Skype and sending emails.  In fact; it felt like family.  We had a fab time together. Ros and her husband showed as around  the city and the countryside.   Liverpool is a wonderful city 
and the countryside is breathtaking.  On saturday Ros and I spent time in her craft room  and Pat (Ros' friend ) joined us.  We laughed and talked and I made just 1 (!!) card.  Ros told me how to make a shaker card.  I will share it soon. 

The days went by in the blink of an eye... Martijn will be in Liverpool till June 
to finish his research project.  And when he's back home he will graduate from University. 
Back home again there was work and study waiting for me.  I  made a schedule because learning and getting  back to school i…